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Leading in building and civil architecture

  • Impressive building design
  • Prestigious contractor cooperation
  • Fast and safe procedures
  • High-quality supervision
  • Many loyal international clients

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What clients say about us

“Conebrick's service is unbelievable, I can trust in them 100% because of this professional team's attitude”

Frankie Kao


“I have searched for a month to choose a company for renovating my house, and, I found Conebrick. Nice choice!”

Dean Casie

Apple, Marketer

“I'm in love with this team. They give us all solutions for any issue I've met. They are so patient with customers' problems”

Blanche Fields

Apple, Maketing

“I don't have much experiences with construction case. Fortunately, I found Conebrick. Highly recommend.”

Emma Watson


Provide you the highest quality work that meets your expectation.

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